These testimonies are shared so as to encourage the hearts of our readers and to stir up faith in the God who answers prayers. The scripture says in Revelations 19:10 that the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy. Every testimony you read or hear on this platform or other sources is a prophecy to you that if God could do it for them, He will do yours also. “For there is no respect of persons with God” (Romans2:11 KJV)

 If you also could do what those who got the miracles did which is obedience to God’s word, fervent bible-based prayers, and unwavering faith, the miracles will be yours also.

For the scripture saith whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans10:11-13KJV)

“Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe” (John 4:48KJV)

These are few of the testimonies:

  1. We went for evangelism and I met this young undergraduate from one of the foremost Polytechnics in Oyo State. He was a smoker and a drunkard. He gave his life to Christ after listening to a short salvation message and he was followed up and invited to church. He started attending church till his school resumed. I became his friend and he found it easy to share his heart with me. After a period of about 18 months, he was diagnosed with diabetes. He tested positive for excess sugar in his blood at two different diagnostic centers; one in his school and the other at a diagnostic center in Ibadan. He came to meet me in the office, looking very perplexed and showed me the results of the tests. I encouraged him in the word of God and he affirmed that if I could agree with him in prayers and minister to him, he believed that God could turn the situation around. According to his faith, I took him inside the church and ministered healing to him. I encouraged him to go for another test and he came back with two new results, testing negative! After doing the first test and it came out negative, he did another test and the result was still negative...To God be all the glory!!!
  2. One of our female ushers, a teacher in one of the famous private Nursery and Primary Schools, whose husband has just lost his job came weeping on a Saturday morning because an NGO had visited their school on Friday and conducted medical tests for all the teachers and she tested positive for Hepatitis B. After the NGO left, the school management told her she could no longer have direct contact with students, meaning she would not be able to teach at the school anymore. However, they offered her the option of taking another role in the school other than teaching because of her many years of meritorious service. That again was predicated upon her presenting an authentic medical test result from a reliable source that states she is Hepatitis B negative. We came to church and prayed and the power of God touched her. The arrow of infirmity was removed by the manifestation of the Holy Ghost. On Monday, she went for a laboratory test at the University Teaching Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, and the result was negative. She repeated the test three other times and it was confirmed that she was no longer positive for Hepatitis B. She took all the authenticated results to the school management and she was restored to her teaching position. Hallelujah!
  3. The firstborn of this particular woman above was kidnapped by ritualists through the commercial bus that he was riding on while coming from school. By divine intervention, the ritualists found him not useful for them when they got to their shrine, so they decided to let him go. After wandering for a long time, he found his way back home but arrived home very late at night. Apparently he had been charmed and became more like an imbecile, incoherent and confused. Therefore, he could not explain what had happened to him or where he was coming from. His mother, having been so perplexed, brought him for prayers and the Holy Ghost manifested upon him and he became normal. It was only then he was able to recollect and narrated his ordeal. God is great!
  4. A grandma’s daughter living in the Republic of Ireland had a complicated pregnancy. When she was almost due it was discovered that the baby was in a breech position. She then called this grandma to inform her about the situation. Grandma came to the office and I agreed with her in prayers over the phone that the baby in the womb should turn and assume the right position for safe delivery. God did it! The baby was delivered safely. Glory be to God
  5. This same grandma brought her daughter-in-law living in Ibadan, southwest Nigeria for prayers because the baby in her womb was breech and she was almost due for delivery. She was ministered to and the baby turned and assumed the right position for delivery by the power of God almighty.
  6. A lady, a believer, who was well advanced in age but was believing God for a life partner came for ministrations. From all indications, there was no obvious reason why she should not have been married. For many years, each night she sleeps she sees her dad taking her to farmland, giving her a cutlass or hoe, and commanding her to do farm work until she wakes up. This continued unabated despite all her spiritual effort. As she came for ministrations over a period of time and she started attending church, the God of miracles gave her total victory and divine connection of sevenfold to her life partner who resides in the United States of America. She was introduced to somebody who linked her to another person until she was finally connected to her life partner who was the seventh person. She is now happily married. God is worthy of all the glory and praises.
  7. I am a Facebook friend of one of the highest-rated female Nollywood celebrities and she used to post people’s practical life issues on her wall asking for general advice and contribution. A lady residing in Abuja used to take note of my godly counsels and one day, she inboxed me and we exchanged phone numbers and she narrated her negative life experiences in which she was believing God for divine transformation. According to her, when she was young, a nurse mistakenly gave her an injection at a wrong spot and it made one of her legs to be shorter than the other, she ended up limping. She was also having strange marital disappointments. On more than two occasions potential husbands, even after introduction and engagement ceremonies had broken up relationships with her. On the phone, we had a nice time of ministrations. Also, through the email, appropriate scriptures and prophetic prayers were sent to her and while observing the prayers, she had miraculous divine encounters, and shortly afterward, she got engaged and today, she is happily married with a wonderful baby girl. Praise be unto God!
  8. An undergraduate student of one of the leading Federal Universities in Nigeria woke up with serious itching on her body one early Sunday morning. She tried all she knew to do but the itching persisted so she decided to call. She was ministered to on the phone. I specifically asked her to focus on specific healing scriptures. Specific prayers were offered according to the word of God and she was given specific prophetic instructions and within seconds, the itching disappeared. To God be the glory.vvv